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Supergirl & Her Suspenders

Hey everyone! I’m back with two personal favorites – Suspenders and Superman. Superman’s been my favorite superhero since I was a little girl, I just couldn’t pass on this Tee when I spotted it at H&M! It was about $15. It is cotton and very light, perfect for days with big sun! The suspenders shorts with leather straps were $50 from Guess. I rarely shop at Guess any more, but I must admit they have some pretty unique chic stuff. Aside from the leather straps, I also loved the color fade on the shorts! It is quite hard to have fades on dark colored jeans without it looking cheap, but Guess pulled it off well with this design! I threw on a fedora hat to dress up the outfit, although there are many types of hats that would work with suspenders, such as caps or trucker hats if you are going for a naughty look. I certainly did not think any earrings would work with this outfit, so I decided to stay away from anything dangly …

Shades of Grey

Recently years the trend of vibrant colors for clothes, bags and shoes has been around and everywhere! We’ve been trying to deviate away from the neutral “boring” colors that were once prevailing. But here I want to show some love for one of my favorite colors – grey. ❤ Grey is a simple color, yet you’d stand out from the crowd given the right combination. Take a look at the images below – if you see someone in these outfits, wouldn’t you notice them right away? And given how simple it is, it just screams benefits of minimalism. What’s powerful about this color, is that you can layer, mix and match different shades of grey, and rock it hard – Give it a try! It may not sound applicable but you’d be amazed at the result! And of course, it goes exceptionally well with black and white.

H&M – Stripe & Leather

Hi beautifuls! I present you with a outfit purchased form H&M! Stripey chiffon blouse | $25 Leather pants | $40 Black and white doesn’t get old for me – there are just so many things you can do with these neutral shades! To start with the top – Always have been a fan of chiffon material blouses, but this one is different! I have worn it inside blazers for work & professional settings, and I wear it casually and pull off a chic look, as in these images! Versatility is always what gets me. Now as for the pants – these aren’t expensive, and for the reason that it doesn’t have buttons or zippers and is more like leather leggings, but the material is quite thick and well made, so I’d still think of it as pants.


Just got off work one day and felt like taking some pictures of this $50 outfit 🙂 Affordable fashion is the best kind of fashion. 🙂 Photographer – My dad | Location – Home | Editing – Me (Did not do a good job :-(, the lighting at home was difficult to play with) The dress and necklace are both picked out from Forever 21, and shoes are from Suzy Shier. The cost of these 3 pieces together is under $50! Of course I got them on very extreme sales, and I just wanted to share the happiness with you guys. I am no longer 21 years old but that does not stop me from shopping at Forever21, regardless of what my salary is. The sweater provides a general shape to my body, is very comfortable, and most importantly it’s teal! What’s not to love? This is one of my favorite necklace, it works amazingly on anything dark colored. Can’t say the shoes are super comfortable, but every pair of shoe/heel require some getting used to. Its cuteness definitely ease the lack …

Black & White. Color.

Hi Lovelies! Before I went out, I decided to capture my outfit of the day. Did I mention here I am wearing simply the coolest earring? Four butterflies hangs on it! I am wearing a long furry sweater/cardigan on this chilly day. It is comfortable, it is warm, it is fashionable – all that come at one cost, it sheds fur! But I still love it regardless 🙂 I remember running between two malls to find my size (this is $50 from Garage!). Inside I am wearing a very simple black dress found at a boutique. It is one of my favorite styles but it is a rare find, I bought it with zero hesitation after seeing it. It is high-low, but it is not flow-y nor does it flare out. it is cotton material and although it does not provide a shape, it is slimming 🙂 You must have seen these shoes many times by now (and bag). The MK watch is a new find though! Oh and the necklace, apologies that I did not shoot a …